High Potential Leaders Program, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

"This program has a superb blend of world-class faculty, an integrated curriculum, and a strongly interactive and diverse group of classmates from high-performing global companies. The material challenged our traditional views and learning, and stretched us immensely to expand our understanding on what leadership needs to be in the 21st century. I highly recommend this program to those interested in developing self-awareness and the skills needed to achieve business results in today and tomorrow's business climate."

Chuck Mollor, Managing Partner, MCG Partners

"The Wharton High-Potential Leaders program is THE BEST executive development program that I have had the opportunity to participate in over the last five years, rated against other programs that I have attended at [several leading business schools].

Every session is highly customized and carefully thought through to address THE most important leadership issues that managers face today that span: leadership authenticity, negotiation, organizational management, strategy planning and execution. The combination of lectures by a who's who in the industry along with one-to-one coaching, management tools, leadership assessments, and team exercises with peers across industries/geography make this a truly special and unique world class program.
This is a must attend program for any executive on a fast track management and leadership path in their organizations. It is a great investment of individual time and corporate sponsorship."

Don Bulmer, Vice President of Global Communications, SAP AG

"The High-Potential Leaders program was excellent! The combination of diverse participants as well as first-rate faculty made for a great learning environment. The faculty delivered time and again on many practical tools and techniques that will help me accelerate my performance and better achieve my leadership potential. I would highly recommend this program to others."

 — David Greenfield, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services Industry

"The program provided me with a deep knowledge of techniques that will fast track my career. Additionally, having a group with different experiences and internationally represented was fundamental to setting personal goals and to developing and managing my team."

André Hirschheimer, Financial Manager, Suzano Holding

"The HIPO Leaders program is a world-class program providing the right balance between theory and tools for practice. Most valuable I found the sessions on execution and negotiation. It was a mind-opening week centered on being your authentic self, and it exceeded my expectations.”

Johann Roithinger, Asset Manager, OMV Aktiengesellschaft

"The High-Potential Leaders program was outstanding. The class had a very diverse group of individuals, both participating and presenting, offering different insights beyond what I am accustomed to. The class itself hit major areas of interest to me to include negotiations, global perspectives, positive leadership, and executing to results. It also showed me a new and dynamic way of looking at material I was already familiar with, shedding a new light on old concepts. I highly recommend this class to anyone who has people they want to develop and want to develop themselves."

Wendy Souther, Senior Quality Manager, Lockheed Martin

"I must say, Wharton was truly an experience that punctuated my values...and overarching imperatives. The class was insightful, enjoyable and profound. There were times that it struck an emotional chord, bringing tears to my eyes. Most importantly it drove home the values of integrity, authenticity, empathy, and transparency.

I better appreciate the need to network externally, remain current and position myself for change, while maintaining balanced physical, professional and personal activities. Nearly half of the classmates were internationals…and their perspectives were so important to the success of the experience.
All in all, it made me aware that modern management is a psychological discipline and an art-form requiring oneself to take the high road regardless of the pressures and stress…. I am so pleased about the opportunity to experience this program, as it has enabled me to truly be a better leader."

John Crapo, Program Director, IT Account Management Services, Lockheed Martin Company

"The program brought me 'back to basics' to keep my leadership grounded on my values and beliefs. From scenario planning to positive leadership, the faculty demonstrated to be intellectually stretching and highly inspiring. I recommend the program to any leader who wants to pursue his 'true north' while moving on the High-Potential fast track."

Jose Larios, Director, Organizational Capability & Effectiveness, Royal Philips Electronic

"I am really happy and lucky to be a member of the first group of High-Potential Leaders at Wharton Executive Education. The programme is a sine qua non to those Authentic leaders that truly desire to re-discover their 'True North.'"

Lawrence Okpala, Regional Manager, Financial services company, Nigeria

"This program exceeded my expectations! It was truly a transformational experience to help me become the leader I want to be. The instructors were fantastic and I made lasting friendships with some of my fellow classmates. I will definitely return for another Wharton Executive Education Program!"

Victoria Hughes, M.A., Director of Performance Excellence, Healthcare Industry

"The Wharton High-Potential Leaders program is a must-attend program for business leaders. The curriculum was well thought out and provided an outstanding learning experience with world-class faculty and exercises. The diversity of attendees from multiple industries and countries created a truly diverse and engaging learning environment. The program really challenges you to truly assess where you are as a leader and how to become a stronger leader in the future. I look forward to applying the lessons learned from this program to assist me as I continue to grow in my career."

Mark Miller, Director, Strategic Initiatives, IS&GS CIO, Lockheed Martin

"This was an excellently delivered set of programs that every leader and future leader should experience. The content was relevant and enabled me to critically review my own capabilities and develop a plan of action to drive myself to a higher level. This experience allowed me to make changes that have positively impacted the way I approach my professional career. The most amazing element for me was the transformation I saw on the personal front after I reprioritized my activities. THANKS to the excellent team that pulled off a remarkable enlightening experience for a truly remarkable class of high potential people."

Prabdeep Bajwa, Senior Marketing Manager, Pioneer Hi-bred Limited (A DuPont Company), Canada

Comments about Nick Craig and Leadership at the Core

"Leadership is hard. It is not a natural state for many of us. Leadership at the Core helps us recognize that there is greatness in us all, and that by discovering the source of our greatness, we can tap into our leadership role whenever we choose to."

Alan Mond, Vice President, Sales, Vectron International

"Elegant and inspirational integration of emerging ideas about the importance of a leader’s consciousness, with powerful exercises to ground these ideas and distill them into usable insights into your own leadership."

Grady McGonnagill, Director of Learning, Generon (Presence/Theory U work of Jaworski, Senge, Scharmer)

"Nick Craig’s workshop is at the absolutely cutting edge of thinking about leadership. It’s also run in a way that brings you into deep contact with this cutting edge within yourself. You just can’t get this kind of experience anywhere else."

— Jerry L Fletcher, author Patterns of High Performance

"Nick Craig is able to awaken leaders to their true purpose and gifts. He has the remarkable capacity to draw out the best in people, and through that to enhance our leadership capacity. After working with Nick, I find myself making better, more fearless business decisions, and engaging and leveraging the leaders on my team more fully. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to do this work, and to bring it to my organization."

— Karlin Sloan author Smarter, Faster, Better: Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership

Impact from taking ALI Programs

"A gift! An insight into why I operate the way I do, to why I haven’t always had the courage to do and say what I really want to. Also quite separately, I learnt that I had subconsciously been moderating the way I’ve been interacting generally. That has changed!"

— Director of Clinical

"Increased calmness (as I’ve struggled in the past to mold myself into a vague, pre-conceived image of the leader that I thought that I should be). Greater resolve to execute the vision that I have for my department. Increased confidence that I will succeed. More in tune with achieving a better work-life balance. Better appreciation of one of my co-workers, who attended the same session."

— VP of Engineering