Strategy Implementation

ALI takes a two-pronged approach to strategic planning:

  • Defining the "value proposition" — your key to success that is actionable and differentiates your company from your competitors.
  • Identifying the 20 percent of work that will drive 80 percent of the key business results.

These results are achieved through Results Focused Backplanning (RFB), a unique approach for creating a clear line of sight from strategy to the most critical near-term tactical outcomes.

Results Focused Backplanning (RFB)

  • Shifts the focus of the planning process from what is realistic today to what must be achieved tomorrow by transforming a distant two-year goal into what must be accomplished in three-month increments;
  • Clarifies for top management the key decisions to make now that will have the biggest impact on long-term success;
  • Makes progress easy to measure without micro-managing;
  • Drives cross-organizational collaboration where needed to achieve critical results;
  • Uncovers the false assumptions in the organization that undermine progress;
  • Defines up front the resources needed across the organization to achieve key strategic outcomes.

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