Leading in Challenging Times

Resilience in Challenging Times

When business is tough, your leadership skills are put to the test. Stakes are high. Outcomes are unpredictable. One step in the wrong direction can lead to dire financial consequences. Staying on course is much easier when things are going well. Challenging times offer the greatest opportunities for you to dig deep within yourself for the courage, capacity and integrity to lead with vision, purpose and impact.

The program leads participants through a process of uncovering the power of leadership that is already within them to face the toughest challenges and make the difficult and perhaps unpopular decisions the moment demands. It demonstrates why authentic leadership is the only viable option for leaders in light of lessons learned from the financial crisis.

Drawing upon the lessons of leading in times of challenge, you will examine the issues that underscore the importance of resilience for investor confidence and the success of your organization.

True Leaders are developed in challenging times.

In this exclusive intensive workshop, you will explore and tap your true ability and authentic self as a leader. You will map your “true north” – your unique motivations, purpose and principles drawn from your life-defining experiences – that will enable you to remain grounded, enlist support and make the hard choices that tough times demand. Leaders aligned with their true north are equipped to guide their organizations through severe situations because they know who they are.

The course offers practical and field-tested strategies – drawn from the experiences of notable leaders around the world – to help you develop and enhance your authentic leadership. The strategies are documented in the best-selling True North (Jossey-Bass; March 2007), the True North Field Book, and the recently released 7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis (Jossey-Bass 2009) and the associated Study Guide.

The Learning Experience

Dialogue and small group work combined with specially designed hands-on, practical exercises enable participants to apply and practice the ideas, tools and frameworks presented in the course. Authentic Leadership in Challenging Times focuses on four content areas.

 The Experience

This program will explore what really defines you as a leader. In examining critical moments in your life and sharing these "resilience stories," you will uncover your greatest strengths as a leader. You will create an action plan for leading in your current role to maximize your ability to achieve long-term, sustainable results.

  • Overview of the Approach
  • Your Role in the Current Reality
  • Get the World Off Your Shoulders, Don’t Be Atlas
  • Dig Deep for the Root Cause             
  • Get Ready for the Long Haul
  • Never Waste a Good Crisis
  • Discovering Your Own True North
  • Define Your Version of Resilience
  • Re-Define Your Approach to Key Challenges