Discovering and Accessing Your Authentic Leadership

The ALI Approach to Developing Senior Leadership Teams and Leaders

ALI delivers a practical and research based approach to maximizing the effectiveness of senior leadership teams.  Our underlying philosophy is outlined in “Discover Your Authentic Leadership” in the February 2007 issue of the Harvard Business Review.  Many of the tools we use are based on the workbook, Finding Your True North, co-authored by Nick Craig and Bill George. You will also be leveraging our insights and learnings from applying this work with senior leadership teams across the globe.

Ultimately, the True North program will show members of the leadership team how to tap into their own powerful, inner resources and become expert practitioners in taking the system to the next level of being an authentic organization.

Expected Outcomes

  • Foundational experience for  senior management team resulting in a deep level of trust, transparency, and effective decision making
  • Refinement for each member of the senior management team on who they are as an authentic leader (living one’s True North)
  • Authentic discussions about issues or challenges that the senior team have not been ready to discuss but which are critical to future success

Program Recommendations

This program will include three elements: Organization Diagnostic, Senior Executive Program, and Sustainability

I.  Top Team Pre-Program Phase

  • One-on-one session with senior exec prior to the program for ½ day to deepen their understanding and experience of the True North approach
  • Discussion with senior executive to review the overall program and desired outcomes
  • One-on-one interviews of each senior executive to identify:
    • Business issues to address in the session
    • Team dynamics and how the session will address these issues
  • Review of any culture survey data and 360 assessment data on the team members
  • Debrief with senior exec to finalize the offsite agenda and length

II.  Senior Executive Offsite

  • Offsite Meeting Example:

Day 1: Discovering the Key to Your Authentic Leadership

In this senior executive team format of the program, the team will deepen its capacity to lead authentically through:

  • Learning the findings and applications of the latest authentic leadership research
  • Examining the power of crucible stories (those events that shape each of us as leaders)
  • Discovering the story behind your Authentic Leadership which defines when each executive is at his/her best  

Day 2: Living Your True North

We have found that for each of us there is an authentic and unique expression of leadership; our “True North” as a leader.  On day two, you learn how to create the conditions that enable one to find the full expression of our True North through:

  • Uncovering what really motivates you and which situations are perfectly designed to maximize your unique style of Authentic Leadership
  • Identifying the core values and principles in your leadership far beyond the values listed on the company walls
  • Learning a new approach to integrating your work/home life

Day 3: Empower Others to Find Their True North

It is one thing to talk about being an Authentic Leader; it is another to actually take action on a plan to develop ourselves and others as Authentic Leaders.  When we see others finding their True North, it helps us to see ours.  You will define the actions needed for you personally, for the senior leadership team, and on key business issues:

  • Identifying your purpose as an Authentic Leader in the context of the business challenges that cross your desk on a daily basis
  • Identifying the key actions you need to take to operate more fully from your True North
  • Discussion by the team to identify changes in format and process to maximize the groups effectiveness
  • Identifying and addressing specific business challenges and issues
  • Debrief and Finalize Next Steps

World class leadership is a journey not a destination. After the offsite meeting we will have a debrief session to finalize critical next steps that  must be take moving forward.

III.  Sustainability

There is a set of options for moving beyond the initial offsite. These can be discussed at the end of Phase I/II.

  • True North Authentic Leadership 360
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Ongoing work with the senior management team

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