According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, employees who derive purpose and meaning from their work are 93% more engaged.  Employees who work for leaders who have clarity of purpose and communicate that purpose are satisfied, engaged, and committed to their jobs and organizations.

As a leader, how do you rediscover your purpose?

How do you encourage your senior leaders to get there?  

The Authentic Leadership Institute works with leaders, and their organizations, to wake up those who will wake up the many by inspiring them to discover their purpose and equipping them to lead authentically.

Join one of our regular webinars as a means to find out more about how purpose can impact you, your teams and your organizations.

UPCOMING Webinar - July 13th @ 2:00pm ET: 
rpose-driven Leadership: From Purpose to Impact"

Join Institute founder and author Nick Craig for a special webinar to learn more about how the purpose-driven approach is redefining the practice of leadership.