Authentic Leadership Invitational: Information Form

Authentic Leadership: From Purpose to Impact
  • To learn more about the Authentic Leadership Institute and our invitationals fill out the information below, and we will send you an program brochure. Program length may vary depending on location. 

    • Discover the individual purpose inside of you at our Authentic Leadership: From Purpose to Impact Invitational. Create a Purpose to Impact™ Plan, to align your personal and professional lives. You will work within a group of five other leaders guided by a senior facilitator. This small group environment maximizes the depth of support you receive and ensures your success. 

    • Our program is based on research from the Harvard Business School and refined while working with more than 5,000 senior leaders at organizations including: GE, Unilever and AstraZeneca.
Program Benefits
  • Define your Leadership Purpose
  • Identify your Sweet Spot, by examining areas where you are intrinsically motivated to use your strengths
  • Create a Purpose to Impact™ Plan