Authentic Leadership for Organizations

Discover Your True North – Cascade Authentic Leadership throughout your Organization

Being an authentic leader in an inauthentic organization is a challenging experience. The more we bring others along on the journey of authenticity the easier it becomes to create authentic results. Learn how to produce tangible business results by bringing authentic leadership deep into your organization.

What’s in it for you:

Building on our Top Team Program, our approach fundamentally changes the culture of the organization.

Clarity of the organization's crucibles, sweet spot, values, and purpose helps expedite decision making and provides a guiding compass for driving action to achieve significant business results.

Program Essentials: 

Cascading Authentic Leadership throughout your organization begins with our Top Team program, where the executive team discovers who they are as authentic leaders as well as clarifies the authentic organization that is only possible if everyone steps up their game.

Next we work with the leadership team to identify a small number of vital and compelling leverage points (the vital 10%) to close the gap between current reality and the desired authentic organization.

Bringing together groups of 25-50 employees they discover their authentic leadership, with the support of those who have come before them, and kick off a set of Purpose to Business℠ projects that deliver tangible results in 60-90 day increments.

As the program cascades further into the organization, the responsibility for delivering the program increasingly shifts to your team and program alumni.

Each iteration provided real-time feedback and learning on how to further bring to life the authentic results and organization that has always been waiting to show up.

Join us in our most leading edge program and become one of the creators of what will become the next chapter in the True North legacy. 

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