About Us

Committed to waking up those who will wake up the many by inspiring them to discover their purpose and equipping them to lead authentically.

Working alongside our clients as a trusted adviser, the Authentic Leadership Institute creates Authentic Leaders and Authentic Organizations℠. In doing so, we uncover a level of human creativity, impact, and purpose that lays the foundation for significant market growth and impact. 

The Authentic Leadership Institute brings the latest applied and theoretical knowledge to our mission.  Our programs have been developed and tested by more than 4,000 top executives at major corporations from around the world. The roots of our work extend into the application of the Distributed Leadership Model at MIT's Sloan School and the pioneering research and teaching of Authentic Leadership development at Harvard Business School.  The founders' works have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Strategy & Leadership, Leader to Leader, and distributed in teaching cases by the Harvard Business School.  

The Authentic Leadership Institute offers executive development and leadership development programs of varying scope for public enrollment, organizations, and top management teams.  We also cascade programs throughout the organization, creating authentic leadership at all levels.  We draw on our experience as change agents, consultants, coaches, trainers and educators in the most demanding of academic and corporate environments.  Programs range from two to three-day introductory sessions to long-term development engagements.  Executive coaching is also available.

What We Believe

There are many leadership paradigms, each offering a cure-all prescription of skills, competencies, strengths or intelligence. Despite all of the existing leadership development programs available,  more than  2600 CEOs were fired in the U.S. in the last two years. Clearly, existing models of leadership development do not suffice.

Our research and practice has shown us that each person has a unique expression of leadership that is extremely powerful and effective. Instead of trying to become a copy of Jack Welch or Larry Bossidy, what would happen if you fully understood, and were operating from, your unique expression, or personal genius as a leader? We call this your Authentic Leadership or True North.

What it means to be an Authentic Leader:

From the Oxford Dictionary: Authentic = known to be real and genuine and not a copy.

"Leadership without perspective and point of view isn't leadership-and of course it must be your own perspective, your own point of view. You cannot borrow a point of view any more then you can borrow someone else's eyes. It must be authentic, and if it is, it will be original, because you are original."
     ---Warren Bennis on becoming a leader

Authentic leaders are motivated from their deep values and convictions to take action, rather than being driven by status and position. They are true to their self and service of a greater purpose.

Authentic leaders demonstrate high integrity by taking courses of action independent of pleasing their audience or political expediency. They ‘walk their talk’, and in doing so create a level of trust that allows others to follow.

Developing Authentic Leaders

The old model of leadership that positioned one individual as the "leader" and the rest as "followers" is coming to an end. It is being replaced with a style of leadership requiring each of us to step up and lead. While the 20th century may be viewed as the time of the charismatic leader, the 21st century is becoming the time of developing leaders throughout each organization. Until recently, there has been no compelling model to replace the old standard.

Much of what has been studied, learned, and taught about leadership is based on observing good leaders. Unfortunately, as the level of uncertainty and change accelerates in our world, the half-life of what one "does" with success is becoming shorter and shorter. At the same time, most of us have at one time or another been around leaders who transcend the style of the day. As much as we can identify a list of traits that contributed to their success, much of what we talk about is who they are as leaders. The overall tenor and underlying set of core values pervading their actions is what stays with us.

Our research shows that, while trait- and strengths-based models define what good leadership looks like and achieves, they do not touch on that core identity unique to each leader. ALI has developed a series of powerful techniques that energize, identify, and activate a person’s internal mindset necessary for authentic leadership.

Our programs are organized around the principle that we all have within us an essence of leadership that is unique, powerful, effective, and deeply satisfying.