University Programs

The Authentic Leadership Program welcomes the opportunity to participate in University and College programs throughout the world designed to enhance the leadership skills of current and emerging leaders. In each case, our senior program designers and presenters work closely with the internal program leaders to guarantee a highly integrated program that complements and enhances the learning objectives of the attending leaders and executives. Programs ALI is currently involved in include:

MIT “Sloan Innovation Period”:
The Sloan Innovation Period  is designed as an integral part of MIT’s MBA program and is a break from the normal academic program. ALI delivers a 2 ½ day workshop that focuses on Crucibles, Strengths, Motivations and Sweet Spot. ALI has participated in this unique program for the past 3 years. Learn more about Sloan Innovation Period

UMass Boston “Emerging Leaders Program”:
This program is a ten month program designed for managers and leaders currently employed in the greater Boston area. Participants enhance their individual leadership skills and learn how to work effectively with other leaders toward specific goals. ALI has led the final session of this program for the past two years.  Learn more about Emerging Leaders Program

Olayan School of Business, American University of Beirut, Beirut Lebanon:
For the past four years ALI has been invited to participate in the OSB MBA and BA programs as a guest lecturer on Authentic Leadership. ALI senior consultants have worked with the OSB faculty and staff in integrating Authentic Leadership into their ongoing academic programs. Learn more about AUB

Stanford Graduate School of Business, “Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies”:
In this program ALI senior consultants coach CEOs of early-stage companies from around the world who have been identified as potentially significant contributors to the economies of their respective countries. Learn more about the Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies

United States Military Academy at West Point, Center for Advancement of Leaders Development & Organizational Learning
ALI has been honored over the past two years to conduct the  “True North’ Authentic Leadership Development program for the faculty and cadet commanders of West Point. Many of the participants are career line officers who have returned from active duty tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Thus we have had the privilege of testing our work with those who have faced some of the most challenging life and death realities that can face any leader.

The Wharton School's Advanced Management Program (AMP):
The Authentic Leadership Institute has worked with hundreds of participants in the last six years, as part of their five-week advanced management program (AMP) for global leaders.

In the first week of AMP, the Institute worked with participants to identify opportunities for them to enhance and strengthen their Authentic Leadership.  In the final week of the program, the Institute conducted a 2-day session for participants' spouses and partners. 

The program saw a .5 point increase in scores on a 1-5 range for the first AMP program the Institute collaborated on with Wharton.  Our partnership with The Wharton School spanned 12 programs total, over the course of the last 6 years.

The Authentic Leadership programs provide practical, field-tested strategies to tap into and develop Authentic Leadership. Our approach is based on research conducted by Harvard Business School and the bestselling Finding Your True North by Bill George and Nick Craig. It is also documented in “Discover Your Authentic Leadership,” in the February 2007 issue of the Harvard Business Review, as well as articles in the Wall Street Journal and Business Week.