Lisa DeAngelis, Senior Consultant

Lisa DeAngelis is a Senior Consultant for the Authentic Leadership Institute, a leadership consulting firm committed to creating leaders and organizations with a deeper purpose and the courage to transform their business impact.

Client work with the Institute has included the education, insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Lisa is also the director for the Center of Collaborative Leadership at UMass Boston. Lisa brings more than twenty years of divisional and corporate leadership experience to ELP. In her role as a leader within the Human Resource function she created strong business partnerships with line executives helping them to identify, clarify, implement, and achieve aggressive strategic objectives.  Her corporate experience with companies of all sizes - from a 300-person start-up to a 32,000 person Fortune 500 global organization, and such diverse industries as call centers, insurance, construction management and IT consulting - served as a strong platform for her current work.

In September 2009, Lisa and her husband leveraged their corporate experience and the knowledge she had gained from the Emerging Leaders Program to launch their own business, Leading with Values, where they coached CEOs and line executives, helping them connect to their own capabilities and values while realizing the potential of others. In addition, through the Authentic Leadership Institute, Lisa has helped facilitate a high-potential executive education program at Wharton, at the Women’s Leadership Summit at Novo Nordisk, and for key faculty and staff at West Point.

In 2013, Lisa presented her workshop, Many Voices One Team: Engaging Diverse Networks to Address Complex Issues, at the 15th Annual Global ILA Conference in Montreal. She was co-author of “Lessons from Teamwork,” published in the summer 2014 issue of Leader-to-Leader, and of the article, “Teamwork: Crucible for Learning about Collaborative Leadership,” presented at the 12th Annual International Conference on Management hosted by the Athens Institute for Education and Research, summer 2014. In addition, she was the author of “Creating a Global Community: Facilitating Discourse Among Engaged Stakeholders,” which was presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Business and Society in Sydney.  In May 2015 Lisa also co-authored and submitted a journal article for review to the Journal of Business and Psychology, entitled “Learning to Lead Beyond Boundaries: Developing Leaders to Enable Expanded Impact.”

Additionally, Lisa supports the work of professor Scott Snook in teaching Authentic Leadership Development to second-year MBA students at Harvard Business School.  She is also a presenter and mentor for the ALPFA, and has been invited to both facilitate and mentor in the ALPFA Boston Mentoring program from 2013-2015.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Bryant University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Regis University. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Organizations and Social Change at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  She is also an alum of the 2003 Emerging Leaders Program.