Katie Carlone, Senior Consultant

Katie Carlone is a Senior Consultant with the Authentic Leadership Institute, a leadership consulting firm committed to creating leaders and organizations with a deeper purpose and the courage to transform their business impact.   

Katie is a private coach and consultant to entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals who yearn to bring more meaning and balance into their lives. Connecting people to their gifts, their courage and confidence brings meaning to her own life.  Katie is also a leader for social justice in her community of Cambridge MA. 

Her passion to see clients thrive authentically came from spending over thirty years in corporate environments where diversity and honest expression were not always welcome. She learned to keep a level head while speaking truth to power and brought complex global projects to successful completion throughout her career.  Through this journey she learned that a purpose-driven life is what brings lasting value and lifts every experience. Leading individuals and teams to achieve their own personal best is the reward. 

Katie’s expertise is in turning critical concepts, ideas and content into creative programs that enhance performance. Her career began at Little, Brown & Company (Boston) as a sponsoring editor for college textbooks, then blossomed at Polaroid Corporation as the creator of a learning and knowledge management organization dedicated to supporting the sales performance of the Business & Professional division. She was an external consultant to Harvard Business School Publishing’s Harvard ManageMentor ®, the international best-selling “Online Resource for Managers in a Hurry” and provided feedback on extension products.

As executive producer and product owner at The Monitor Group and LeveragePoint, she created an innovative online toolset that builds global, integrated marketing capability, and customized it for select top-tier marketing organizations.