Tery Elliot, Senior Consultant

Tery (Gargiulo) Elliot is a Senior Consultant for the Authentic Leadership Institute, a leadership consulting firm committed to creating leaders and organizations with a deeper purpose and the courage to transform their business impact.

As a senior consultant with the Institute, Tery has delivered and facilitated leadership programs around the country including Wharton, MIT, USMA at West Point, and Linkage, as well as organizations in the energy industry and health care field. She derives great pleasure from impacting a diverse global population of high-level executives.

Before Tery embarked upon her coaching and leadership development business, she spent 20 years as a part owner in an international agribusiness that grew, packed, sold and delivered fresh market produce all over the world. The company grew from a start-up brokerage into a large corporation, with annual gross sales of $200 million, which was eventually sold to a Fortune 50 company.

After the sale of the company, Tery turned her focus on developing leaders,  concentrating on working with executives to help them find their purpose, passion, and sweet spot. She is also committed to working with women executives to help them find and voice their inner leader. Tery leads power circles for Emerging Women, facilitates women in management at the graduate school of business at Stanford and has also consulted for the Institute of Coaching at McLean Harvard Medical School.

Whether it is one on one, with groups, or teams, Tery’s uncanny ability to identify what clients need in order to grow as leaders (even when it is not readily apparent to the clients themselves) makes her a challenging yet rewarding coach. Her passion and clear vision has helped program participants gain clarity and motivation in implementing strategies to become happier, more effective people and leaders.

Tery holds a BA from the University of South Florida and an MA in psychology from Santa Clara University.