Marijo Bos, Senior Consultant - Spain

Marijo Bos is a Senior Consultant for the Authentic Leadership Institute, a leadership consulting firm committed to creating leaders and organizations with a deeper purpose and the courage to transform their business impact.

Marijo is a builder/facilitator of participant centered insights programs for 10 person teams to groups as large as 200.  She’s also a guest speaker and advisor to executives and organizations open to transformational learning.

She brings 20 years’ experience in executive talent management with international service firms, Russell Reynolds, Oliver Wyman, Mercer, and eCompanies where she’s held global client management roles, served as a coach and mentor.  She has partnered with executives across the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Marijo has led a diversity and inclusion network, advancing gender balanced leadership across the pipeline, to a global level. She has also led a board of 10 and motivated 24 city network volunteer leaders to deliver local mentoring programs and skill building events - more than 600 across cities.  She serves leaders, teams and organizations as they infuse their cultures with mindful communication, positive leadership and enabling business practices. Her programs promote a head, heart and gut based approach to collaborating, networking, problem solving, motivating, communicating and aligning in a highly complex and constantly changing business leadership environment.

Marijo is passionate about purpose and inspiring individuals and teams to step outside of their comfort zone in order to reach new heights in learning, leadership and personal development. Her inspirational leadership has been recognized in advancing a global cause through volunteers for her executive and MBA program work at Cotrugli (The Balkans) and IE Business Schools. 

Marijo has been a speaker at a variety of conferences and for numerous webinars. Marijo enjoys sharing stories, insights, and pragmatic tools to augment personal growth and positive leadership.

She’s active on social media, blogging and authored several articles in the FT, Guardian on advancing talent, diversity, mentoring, purpose networks, science of positive emotions / happiness, positive leaderships.

Marijo holds a Bachelor’s Degree, is an alumni of Harvard Business School’s Professional Management Development program, and has a Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy from IE Business School in Madrid. 

Her clients span the globe and she lives between the US and Europe.