AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP: Insights, Learnings, Lessons

Learn about the legacy of Authentic Leadership, from Bill George’s early work to what is happening today; the emergence of purpose, and how it drives you as a leader...Read More.

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CALIFORNIA:  SEPT. 25 - 28, 2017

Transform Your Impact - Define and explore your own path to Authentic Leadership

Join us at one of our next Invitationals and learn how to lead from your own inner compass to become the type of leader you most admire...Read More.

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WEBINAR:  JULY 13, 2017

Purpose-driven Leadership: From Purpose to Impact

Join Institute founder and author Nick Craig for a special webinar, July 13, 2017 at 2:00 pm ET, to learn more about how the purpose-driven approach is redefining the practice of leadership...CLICK HERE to register.

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Committed to waking up those who will wake up the many by inspiring them to discover their purpose and equipping them to lead authentically.

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The Authentic Leadership Institute has been an integral part of accelerating the development of thousands of corporate leaders in organizations including: Unilever, GE, Microsoft, West Point and Heineken...Learn more.

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“Purpose should be at the heart of strategy.”
Cynthia Montgomery

Imagine what would happen if your organization was full of Authentic Leaders

To lead effectively, an individual must first find their Authentic Leadership style – the clear and unique expression of their leadership that convinces others to trust and follow them. 

By being true to themselves, clearly motivated by a larger (higher) purpose and not a narrow self-interest, Authentic Leaders demonstrate high integrity—making sound decisions independent of political expediency—and deliver results in a way that creates sustained value for the team.

Authentic Leadership Institute programs provide practical, field-tested strategies for individuals, teams, and organizations to tap into the power of Authentic Leadership.  The Institute is successful because we are:

  • Research based through collaboration with Harvard Business School professors Bill George and Scott Snook
  • Experienced providers in fact, the most experienced providers of Authentic Leadership programs with the longest track record of success
  • Working with over 4,000 top executives at global multinational corporations and large NPOs
  • Publishing books and articles including:
    • Finding Your True North (which has sold over 45,000 copies) by Bill George and Nick Craig, President of the Institute
    • From Purpose to Impact, published in Harvard Business Review by Scott Snook from Harvard Business School and Nick Craig, President of the Institute

 What Authentic Leadership Institute Programs Accomplish:

  • Create the next generation of leaders four times faster
  • Transform executives with great gifts and wonderful flaws into highly effective leaders
  • Drive a culture of business results and sustainability
  • Drive authentic results through leadership programs 

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