MIT “Sloan Innovation Period”

This program is designed for their MBA program and is a break from the normal academic program.   ALI delivers a 2 ½ day workshop that focuses on Crucibles, Strengths, Motivations and Sweet Spot.  ALI has delivered at this unique program for 3 years.

Finding Your True North: A Personal Guide

Co-authored by Bill George and ALI president Nick Craig, this book has sold over 25,00 copies. It provides tools and exercises to discover and develop your Authentic Leadership. Based on the best-selling book True North by Bill George, this guide enables leaders to identify their own True North through reflection and exercises that target the purpose of their leadership, and to map a plan to put their discoveries into practice…..Read more

Corporate Leadership and Succession Plan Development

The Authentic Leadership Institute has been an integral part of accelerating the development of leadership in many advanced corporations.  Thousands of corporate leaders have participated in these programs to increase organizational capacity to respond to change and drive a sustainable culture. Major clients include: Unilever, GE, Devon Energy, Thermo Fisher and Microsoft. Click here to see our client list

Imagine what would happen if your organizational leaders were fully operating from a place of authenticity?

Authentic Leadership Institute programs provide practical, field-tested strategies for individuals and teams to tap into and develop Authentic Leadership.  Here is why our programs and interventions are successful in transforming leaders:

  • We are the most experienced provider of Authentic Leadership programs with the longest track record of success.
  • We have worked with over 3,000 top executives at major corporations from around the world.
  • Our approach is based on research and collaboration with Harvard Business School professors Bill George and Scott Snook and on the bestselling books:
    • True North by Bill George (which has sold over 250,000 copies)
    • Finding Your True North (which has sold over 25,000 copies) by Bill George and Nick Craig (President of ALI)

What Authentic Leadership Institute Programs Accomplish:

  • Create the next generation of leaders four times faster
  • Transform executives with great gifts and wonderful flaws into highly effective leaders
  • Drive a culture of business results and sustainability
  • Drive authentic results through leadership programs